The Barden Process

Standard Barden Specifications

Floor Deck Framing

  • Styrofoam sill seal 5-1/2"

  • 2x6 pressure treated wall plate

  • Built-up laminated veneer lumber girder, as required

  • Floor joists, as required

  • 3/4" tongue & groove OSB sub-floor with sub-floor adhesive

  • 3" diameter round one-piece steel basement posts with adjustable threads

  • Knocked down basement stairs; 2x10 treads and stringers, handrail and brackets

  • Cross bridging, wood 1x3

Exterior Walls, Interior Partitions

  • Panel height: 8' 1-1/2"

  • 2x6 studs, 16" on center (OC) on exterior walls

  • 2x4 studs, 16" OC on garage walls

  • 2x4 studs, 16" OC on interior walls

  • 2x6 studs, 16" OC on plumbing walls

  • 2x8 or 2x10 headers on bearing walls as necessary

  • Single bottom and double top plates

  • Corner and partition backers installed in panels

  • 7/16" Oriented Strand Board (OSB) sheathing on all exterior walls

  • House wrap, infiltration barrier will be included under siding

  • Siding is "wood grain" vinyl "double lap" in white or in colors, with options of fiber cement, cedar or many other available products

  • White vinyl "J" blocks, 8 per house included

  • Gable end framing, stud nailer for siding 16" OC

  • NOTE:  Gable end sheathing 7/16" OSB ...  If plywood wall sheathing option is used, then the gable would also receive the same ...  If insulated wall sheathing option is used, ie 1" R-Max, gable sheathing is 7"16" OSB

  • 2x6 partition cap for sheetrock nailer on first floor partitions; 1-1/2" metal ceiling angle or clips for sheetrock backer on ranch partitions or second floor partitions

Roof and Ceiling Framing

  • Truss system designed for installation on 24" centers, employing a roof pitch, with raked and eave overhangs per standard design ... roof design will vary with print

  • 2x4 lateral bracing supplied to tie roof truss system correctly

  • Felt paper, snow and ice shield, pre-finished metal drip edge, aluminum flashing, Certainteed Landmark shingles, with 5" exposure and 30 year warranty

  • Certainteed standard roof colors:  Moire Black, Weathered Wood, Burnt Sienna, Resawn Shake, Driftwood, Colonial Slate, Georgetown Gray, Cobblestone Gray, Hunter Green and Heather Blend

  • Nail-over ridge vent with nail-on 6" or 12" ladders

  • 1/2" roof plywood with clips

Exterior Trim

  • Aluminum fascia and vinyl soffit systems come in white or brown as standard colors ... colors to match siding are an additional option

  • Vinyl shutters per print ... Colors:  White, black, brown, gray, blue, green or burgundy

Exterior Doors and Windows

  • Exterior doors assembled in primed frame with vinyl brick mould applied

  • Main entrance door, metal clad, foam insulated, 3/0 x 6/8 with thermal break threshold applied

  • Service door, metal clad, foam insulated, 2/8 x 6/8 with thermal break threshold applied, no glass in house to garage door

  • Window styles per print, smart R glass with screens

  • Garage overhead doors are pre-finished metal, insulated with metal back and installed after rough opening is trimmed

  • The garage door is 194 series 9/0 x 7/0 or 16/0 x 7/0 in white, almond or brown ... garage door openers are included with each overhead door

Interior Trim

  • Interior doors are 1-3/8" hollow core, primed

  • All swing door units will have three hinges ... closet units are by-pass or bi-fold with jambs per plan

  • All units are pre-hung in finger joint primed jambs

  • MDF door and windows picture-frame casing ... casing is 2-1/4", baseboard is 3"

  • Closet shelving is vinyl white wire with supports as necessary

  • Door stops, sash locks as necessary

  • Assembled stairs, closed treads for two-story, splits, etc. ... Yellow pine risers, stringers and treads

  • Stair parts, ie newels, balusters and handrails where designated

  • Bright brass bedroom and bath privacy locksets, closet passage locksets and exterior locksets

Kitchen Cabinets, Vanities and Countertops

  • Standard cabinets are oak, hickory and maple ... they are available with square or arch tops and multiple colors ... hardware selections available

  • Counter and vanity tops are custom square edge countertops

  • Vanities, same style as kitchen cabinets, included only where shown on plans

  • Other cabinet styles are available

Labor and Prefabrication

  • All exterior wall panels assembled with sheathing applied

  • Interior partitions assembled

  • Floor joists pre-cut to correct lengths

  • All interior doors pre-hung in veneer jambs where possible

  • Material delivered to job site on prearranged schedule

  • Tractor cranes available

Miscellaneous Notes

  • The outside dimensions of all Barden Homes are from frame to frame

  • Floor plan dimensions do not include exterior wall sheathing that extends beyond the foundation

Lower Levels of all Split Levels and Raised Ranches

  • Unfinished lower level:  Furring panels for the lower level will be supplied as an optional extra

  • Finished lower level: 2x4 furring panels will be supplied with studs 16" OC with single top and bottom plate, except garage area

The Benefits of Customizing Your Dream Home with Barden

  • A unique and personalized customization process - choose from 100's of designs or use your own

  • Skilled technicians assemble complex components with pride and care

  • Wall panels, floor systems and roof trusses are constructed in our state-of-the-art facility that is enclosed year round

  • Materials supplied in a time efficient manner

  • Reduced threat of job-site theft or damage

  • Energy Star compliant resulting in 30% less energy use, as specified by NYSERDA

  • Potential, significant savings in man-hours over site-built structures, as noted by the Building Systems Council of the NAHB

  • Financing available to qualified buyers through an associated lender

  • Choose where you would like to live - we design homes for the scattered lot market

  • Industry leading, online computer database system where customers can order a home on the web, through an independent dealer, and then follow its progress from start to finish, thus creating a paperless environment

  • We provide some of the leading brand names of windows, doors, siding cabinets and roofing

Barden - Better Materials for Better Homes

The Barden Panelization Advantage

Why you should start building with Panelization Today

There was a time when building a new home stick by stick on a building lot was the standard and accepted course of construction.  Times have changed in the residential building market. More builders and buyers are recognizing that the old methods might not be the most effective. Increasingly, homes are being erected using a panelized building system; a construction technique that utilizes advanced technology, quality materials and a controlled work environment to build wall panels and to construct an energy-efficient and durable home in less time.

Barden's panelized home building system retains the best aspects of stick frame construction.  It combines time-tested building methods with modern technology to deliver a well-designed, energy efficient and beautiful, new home.


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